6 apps to create videos on Android (Updated 2020)

Want an application that shoots, edits, and adds effects to your footage? With these apps for Android videos, you will be amazed by all the possibilities.

It is increasingly fashionable to create original videos, especially for social networks. This is made possible thanks to these Android video apps, which facilitate the entire creation process — which can happen from a mobile phone.


You don’t have to work in the video field to enjoy producing your own creations. The truth is, nowadays, creating and editing videos has become much easier, and all you need is a mobile device — a smartphone or tablet.

Clesh Video Editor

The Clesh Video Editor is an application for creating and editing the most powerful videos today. This is a complete software, which includes all the features characteristic of professional creations.

In addition to the effects you can add, you can also export high-quality videos, which does not happen in most applications. This is one of the most expensive apps on this list, but this is due to the number of editing options it presents, in addition to allowing you to export videos directly from cloud services.


This free application can effortlessly get your ideas off the ground. KineMaster benefits from the drag-and-drop system, which makes its use much easier and more intuitive.

Some of the most used features are editing, which allows you to cut videos, add images, text, and music. This app also allows you to improve the quality of the video and be able to share your creations with your friends.

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Screencast O-Matic

This is a free application that records your device’s screen with high quality. It is the ideal app for those who do, for example, tutorials for YouTube and need to record the screen while doing it.

One of the biggest advantages of this application is that, in addition to recording the video on the screen, it also records the audio, that is, what you are saying during your explanations.

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Movie Edit Touch

The Movie Edit Touch is another app for Android videos we want you to know. This application is free and perfectly recreates the editing environment you find on a computer, giving you all the features you need to edit videos like a professional.

This is one of the best usability apps, so you won’t find any difficulty in cutting and pasting your videos. In this application, you can also create photo presentations, for example.

Vidstitch Pro – Video Collage

This is one of the apps for Android videos that you can use for your creations. It costs € 3.19, and one of its biggest advantages is the video quality it presents, especially when exporting.

Vidstitch Pro – Video Collage is one of the most praised applications for its interface, very simple to use. Also, it has great integration with social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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The WeVideo is a free application very complete video editor, with several features that you will allow to create the most professional videos. It is completely integrated with all social networks, which facilitates the sharing of your creations.

This app has several themes that you can use to edit your footage, and you can add text and music directly from your phone — that is, you can add the songs you have saved to your final video.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to create videos from your Android. Now, it only takes a hint of creativity to create the most professional videos.

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