How to use Spotify in your digital marketing strategy

A large number of applications are currently used by different companies and brands to reach their target audience and grow online. In this article, we want to explain how to use Spotify in your digital marketing strategy, since it is a little-exploited alternative, but with interesting benefits.

Why use Spotify in your online marketing strategy?

Spotify is one of the audio streaming platforms with the highest annual growth. It currently accumulates more than 271 million monthly active users. These are divided into 124 million who pay the subscription or the Premium version and more than 153 million who enjoy free service.

In Spotify, audios are handled, and this is one of the best digital content formats. Since it is an excellent means to connect with all kinds of the public in different situations.

Compared with the written one, this type of content generates a faster, intuitive, and emotional reaction on the part of the users.

Also, over the years, the application system has evolved, integrating new and better alternatives to integrate marketing elements such as advertising.

All these elements make Spotify a very interesting platform to implement within a digital marketing strategy.

How to use Spotify in your digital marketing strategy

The platform offers several alternatives to carry out good digital marketing actions and thus reach a very wide audience. It is important to be creative and know your target audience.

Here are some ways to use Spotify in your digital marketing strategy:

Use the playlists

One of the best options that this platform offers you is to create custom playlists or playlists. They must have a name and

You must put aside the classic concept that playlists are only created considering the musical genre (rock, pop, rap, electronic, and others).

You can offer playlists for different moods or even manage to associate a type of music with your business. This is a way to captivate an audience that does not identify with a specific gender.

When creating a playlist on Spotify, you must customize it:

  • The name of the list should be striking and if you can, have it related to your brand. The maximum space for this is 40 characters.
  • Try to make the image relate to your brand. The good idea is to place the logo on it. Make sure it’s 640×640 pixels.
  • The description cannot exceed 200 characters. Try to keep it very short but attractive and make users understand the playlist’s theme. Use keywords

Tips for creating a playlist for your brand on Spotify

  • Offer quality content: If your brand does not directly relate to music, do not worry about constantly creating playlists. But the ones you do are of quality and very useful for users.
  • Control the duration time: If a playlist is too long, users will not listen to it in full. We recommend that you use the duration of a disc as the main reference to set the duration of your playlists.
  • Use timeless content: Sometimes, creating lists referring to a popular holiday, such as Christmas, may not be a good idea since there is a lot of competition. In these cases, you must have something that differentiates your playlist from your competition. On the other hand, if you focus on creating timeless content, users can enjoy it whenever they want without being based on a specific celebration or date.
  • Make it useful: You must relate the playlist to your product’s usefulness; that is, if your brand is dedicated to selling cleaning products, it can create a list for cleaning moments. Another good example is that you can create a playlist to exercise if you have a clothing or sports shoe store.
  • Transmit values ​​of your brand: You must express the values ​​of your brand through music. For this, you must select well the genres and even the interpreters of each piece. Avoid falling into the use of a song just because it is current or in trend. Create content that your audience wants to share, and that identifies your brand.

Do not forget that the playlists are also positioned within the platform. So your information and content should always be optimized to improve your level in the ranking.

Place the playlist on your website

If you have a website or blog, Spotify has an option that allows you to place your playlist on them by inserting them.

This is a great way to make your playlist much more visible. You also get users to enjoy your musical selection from other platforms.

In this case, we recommend having an exclusive page or subpage to share your reproduction litas. Although if you want to promote a playlist or it fits very well with what the index page of your website transmits, you can show it there. This will give it a modern and interesting look and could help you improve your web positioning indirectly.

Advertising on Spotify

Many companies turn to the different types of ads that Spotify has. These appear as the playlists are played and require a monetary investment. Among the different ways of advertising on the platform are:

  • Audio ads: These types of ads are the most used. They are compatible with all devices, from computers to mobile phones. They can last between 15 and 30 seconds. While playing on the screen, a related image will be displayed.
  • Video: Video Ads can be Takeover or Sponsored Session. In the first option, the videos are shown in advertising breaks and have a complimentary banner that you can click to expand the campaign. The second alternative is a video ad with 3D sound.
  • Images : Spotify has Overlay ads that are a type of display advertising that is only shown when the user has the application window open.
  • There is also the Homepage Takeover, which is exclusive to the desktop application and allows you to display your brand’s banner on the main page for 24 hours.
  • Another option is the Leaderboards that will appear exclusively on the application screen for 30 seconds.

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