The best free apps of 2020 for Android and iOS

Android and iOS app stores grow a little more every day. Amid so much variety, it is important to know the highlights and understand what makes sense to keep installed on the smartphone.

To help optimize your device’s space and organization, we made a list of essential, downloadable navigation, traffic, entertainment, image editing, and productivity apps.



Opera for Android is a compliant, fast, and optimized option for surfing the internet via smartphone. It blocks intrusive ads and dialog boxes. Already the Opera Mini is a browser back to the data economy, offering even faster experience and even fluid on slower networks. On the other side is Opera Touch ( Android | iOS ), a modern browser created to be used with just one hand, combining practicality and speed.


Firefox Browser blocks trackers and invasive ads while browsing, and allows you to sync history, passwords, and even bookmarks from your computer to your phone. Another nice (and very useful) point is that the browser can receive extensions. The app has versions for Android and iOS, but this last feature is only available on Android.


Google Meet

The video conferencing application makes it easy to chat with friends and family and hold business meetings right from your phone. The platform is very practical, just create and share the room link or click on a shared link to start the calls. The audio and video qualities are also very good. The app is available for Android and iOS users.


The mobile version of the team communication and collaboration platform is as competent as the web and desktop. It will favor communication by text, voice, video, document exchange, and integration with other tools, and customizations useful for Android and iOS smartphones. Remembering that this is an app aimed at companies.

Microsoft Teams

Everything that Teams via browser has is bad, the app offers good. Once registered, the user can quickly access the rooms. Audio and video streams run smoothly and rarely crash. The application allows you to create rooms, give permissions to other users, and chat very well with other programs, such as a calendar or email client. It is compatible with Android and iOS.


Google Maps

With more than 220 countries and territories mapped – in addition to companies and locations pointed out on the map – Google Maps for Android and iOS is very useful for navigation by car, motorbike, public transport, and on foot. The app still lends a helping hand to find establishments around you, such as restaurants and tourist attractions.


More than just a directions app, Waze is useful for guiding you along the paths you take every day. This is because it gives an overview of what is happening on the streets, if there is traffic, road works, policing, accidents, and more on Android and iOS devices. With all of this mapped, it still helps you save time by suggesting faster routes.



Available for Android and iOS, the application of the streaming site focused on games greatly facilitates the life of those who enjoy watching live streams (and reruns) on their cell phones. Especially for its floating window feature (exclusive for Android), which places the overlays on any website or application, you are using on your phone. Also, the app’s interface is quite simple and intuitive.

Podcast Addict

Although it is possible to listen to most podcasts directly on Spotify, Podcast Addict is an excellent platform for more nostalgic listeners. With a complete and exclusive interface for Android, the app makes it easy to group all the programs in one place, control what has already been heard, download to listen offline, mark favorites and even find other productions similar to the ones you enjoy.

Pocket Casts

It allows you to group the user’s favorite programs, in addition to showing which podcasts are most heard in the world. It is possible to download the episodes and create a queue with the programs that must be played in the sequence. It is available for Android and iOS.


With versions for Android and iOS, this application is an RSS aggregator. It is possible to create lists with preferred subjects, add sites directly in the search field, or link to the page feeds.


Shazam is the application for Android and iOS that identifies music. Just open the program, place your phone close to the sound output and click on “Play for Shazam” to, a few seconds later, appear the screen name of the song and artist. To bring more information about the new discovery and pique the user’s interest, it also reveals extra information, such as the most popular tracks and video clips.


Deciding what to watch on Netflix is ​​no easy task. With the catalog growing, Upflix will allow the user to know everything that comes out and what enters the streaming-service every week. The interface is very basic and intuitive and also includes the description of films, series, documentaries, and other content. Available for Android and iOS.

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