Why the phone gets too hot and how to prevent it from happening

Understand the uses that cause the most heating of smartphones, escape from ‘fires’ and extend the life of your device.

You are lost somewhere. Pick up the smartphone and activate the GPS to locate yourself on the map. But halfway there, you have to drop the phone suddenly. It is not possible to use it: it is very hot!

“The temperature of the iPhone must drop before it can be used,” says the message on the screen.

Have you been through this? Next, we tell you what to do at that time.

Why does the device get too hot?

Perhaps it was affected by a heat wave of over 40º C.

And exposing the device to sunlight for long periods also influences the heating. Leaving the phone in the car for a long time would have the same consequences.

Heating, however, is not always due to room temperature.

Using battery chargers that provide more electrical current than necessary can have the same effect. As well as the use of GPS, since the harder the cell phone works, the more it heats up, by transforming the mathematical operations into thermal energy.

When using GPS, the device must use the sensor 100% of the time, with the screen on and connected to the internet.

Likewise, the intensive use of high-quality graphics or very heavy games for the RAM memory and your cell phone characteristics can also lead to overheating of the device.

How to avoid the problem then?

In the last of the above cases, it is worth assessing the condition of the phone’s hardware before downloading a game with such features.

It is also important to verify that you are running applications or programs without your knowledge. And if you notice a rapid rise in temperature, turn off features like Bluetooth and wifi connection. This will avoid overloading processes.

Reducing the screen brightness is also recommended when playing games or movies for a long time.

And, above all, it is important not to leave your smartphone in places with poor ventilation, such as under a pillow, especially if you are charging the battery or downloading an application.

Controlling the temperature with applications

There are several smartphone applications on the market that, once installed, scan the entire device to determine its temperature at all times.

One of the most popular for iOS is iStat 2, an app that monitors all iPhone activity.

In addition to the temperature, it shows the amount of data consumed and the remaining speed.

Another option for Apple devices is the Status Lite system, which recognizes and can erase applications that generate the highest power load.

And if you have a smartphone with an Android system, you can opt for the free Cooler Master app. The program scans the device to determine the temperature and identifies the services that generate overheating, and turns them off.

There are also other options on the market for Android phones, Google’s operating system. Among the most interesting are Phone Overheat Alert, TempMonitor, and Cpu Gauge.

With these features, you won’t have to wait for the phone to reach the critical heating point.

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